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  • Naturally Simple

    Freshen your indoor air with house plants.  This SCHEFFELERA will do the trick.

    $ 34.98

    • Green Plants
  • Plant It Different

    An easy care PEPEROMIA will grow well in a simple vase with rustic decor.


    • Green Plants
  • Green And Lush

    A sweet little BIRDNEST SANSEVERIA is only one example of our plant selection.

    $ 19.98

    • Green Plants
  • Purple Passion

    Phalenopsis Orchids come in multitudes of color combinations. Ask about our selection.

    $ 39.98

    • Blooming Plant
    • Orchids
  • Butterfly Orchid

    also called Moth Orchid or Phalenopsis - Nature's Beauties!

    $ 39.98

    • Blooming Plant
    • Orchids
  • Tropical Beauty

    Tropical Phalenopsis Orchid - another of our specialities - varying colors available.

    $ 39.98

    • Blooming Plant
    • Orchids
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Plants and Designs

We always carry a variety of live plants for our local clients.  Our specialty are Phalenopsis Orchids and African Violets.  Their care is very similar to each other and actually quite easy and we're happy to help educate our clients about their care.


European Gardens (with blooming plants) and Dish Gardens (all green plants) are great choices for Sympathy items, since Family Members often like taking home a rememberance from their loved ones' service.

  Since we also carry a wide variety of containers and decorative accessories we can always come up with something unusual       and unique.

  If you need an out of area plant delivery we'll have happy to forward an order for a small fee.  Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Plant Pricing

Our plant prices are as follows in plain plastic containers, but you'll want to "dress" them in a nicer container for gift giving.  Prices for "dressing them up" vary on containers and accessories. You can generally give us a price range and we will try to accomodate your request.

    2" (pot diameter) green plants - $ 2.98 (usually about4-6" tall plant)

    3" or 4" (pot diameter) green plants - $ 5.98 (usually about 6-8" tall plant)

    6" green plants (pot diameter) $ - 15.98 (usally about 14" up to 24" tall). This is a commonly requested size for Sympathy orders and often ranges from $ 25.00 to

    $ 35.00 depending on containers, bows etc.

    8" & 10" plants are sometimes available and are generally large plants - around 3' -4 ' and will be priced between $ 60.00 to $ 100.00 - again depending on quality of container. 

    Dish & European Gardens vary in price range from $ 40.00 on up.

    African Violets are generally in 4" pots and a nice decorative container and sell for $ 19.98.

    Orchids are also usually available as 4" plants and sell with a heavy ceramic decorative container for stability (they tend to be  top heavy)

for $ 39.98.