elkeMy name is Elke Baxter and I am thrilled at the opportunity to share my botanical visions with you. Even as a child in my native Germany, the local flower shop was always my favorite place to visit. Though my floral career didn't begin until many years later, the love of nature has always been close to my heart.

In 2007 I eaned a Floral Design certification but my education continues. There's always more to learn. My artistic interests go beyond flowers however and I also hold a certificate in Interior Decorating and am a South Dakota Master Gardener. Throughout it all, I am practical to the core.

This pragmatism is the reason for choosing a career with artificial versus live flowers. The permanent floral industry has become incredibly skilled at mastering botanically correct artificial flowers. Non living leaves and petals, stems and thorns are hard to distinguish from their live counterparts. While the original "silks" are still available, we deal strictly with the high quality realistic Permanent Botanicals.