What are Permanent Botanicals?

Permanent Botanicals are the new generation of artificial flowers and foliages. Twenty-first century technology has enabled this industry to advance in leaps and bounds. No more cheap plastics and floppy fabrics. The new Permanents are botanically correct which means each flower stem has petals, leaves and stems just like in nature. The best of the best are "Real Touch" flowers which keep even the professional florists guessing whether or not they're real.

Why choose Permanent Botanicals?

Flowers and foliages are a must have in any well rounded d├ęcor whether it's home, business or a special event. The new Permanents have all the advantages of real flowers but none of the disadvantages. Fresh flowers just never seem to last long enough and even real house plants have specific needs in order to thrive. No more. With our high quality Permanents you can get seasons and even years of enjoyment.

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